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When you execute this command, the system accesses the information stored in the backup tool and writes it to a file. This information includes the external backup ID, the availability status, the backup type and the creation time of the backups of a database instance. In contrast to backup_ext_ids_get, here you enter the name of the backup tool.

To subsequently display the file content, use the DBM command for displaying external backup IDs (see: backup_ext_ids_list).


You have the server permission Backup or DBInfoRead.


backup_ext_ids_getfromtool <tool_type> [<database_name>] [<database_computer>]





Backup tool, possible values are: BACK | NSR | TSM

BACK: (Backint for MaxDB/ Backint for Oracle)

NSR: NetWorker

TSM: TSM by IBM/Tivoli


Name of the database


Name of the database computer




In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

More Information

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