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In the view editor, you can change view tables.

View: Properties


Description (Link to SQL Reference Manual)

View Name

The same rules as for table names apply: Table Name (table_name)


Schema Name (schema_name)

Check on Insert and Update

If this option is set, you cannot use INSERT or UPDATE statements on the view table to generate any rows that can afterwards no longer be selected via the view table. Resulting rows must fulfill the view table's search condition.

The option is inherited. This means that, if you have defined a view table VIEWTABLE1 with this option and are using VIEWTABLE1 in the FROM condition of a modifiable view table VIEWTABLE2, then only rows that can be selected using VIEWTABLE1 may be added or modified with VIEWTABLE2.

Replace Existing View

If you choose these option, the view table replaces a previously existing view table.

Indexes: Display Criteria




All indexes from the selected schema are displayed.

Only Bad Indexes

Only damaged indexes are displayed.

Only Disabled Indexes

Only disabled indexes are displayed.

Only Unused Indexes

Only unused indexes are displayed (INDEXUSED=0).

Optimizer Statistics



Columns and Indexes

Columns and indexes

Distinct Values

Estimated number of lines in the table

Page Count

Estimated table size (in pages)

This size affects which search strategy is selected by the system.

More information: SQL Optimizer, Search Strategies

Last Statistics Update

Time of the last statistics update

More Information

SQL Reference Manual, CREATE VIEW Statement (create_view_statement)

SQL Tutorial, View Tables