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You have the following options:

  • Registering the SAP MaxDB ODBC driver in a driver manager.

    You can use the following driver managers:

    • Microsoft Windows: Microsoft ODBC Driver Manager 3.52 or higher

    • Unix and Linux: unixODBC 2.0.9 or higher, iODBC 3.0.5 or higher

  • Linking the SAP MaxDB ODBC driver directly with the application (only on Unix and Linux)


Registering the ODBC Driver in a Driver Manager

You can find information about registering an ODBC driver in the driver manager in the documentation provided by the manufacturer of the driver manager.

Linking the ODBC Driver with the Application (only on Unix and Linux)

You can link the SAP MaxDB ODBC driver with the application, either statically (libsdbodbc.a library) or dynamically ( library).

In the case of dynamic linkubg, ensure that the system finds the dynamic library when you execute the application by adding the path for to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable.

Example Example

You compile the application myapp.c with the appropriate ODBC header files:

cc –c myapp.c –I<ODBC_include>

You statically link the ODBC driver with the application:

cc –o myapp myapp.o <ODBC_lib>/libsdbodbc.a

You dynamically link the ODBC driver with the application:

cc –o myapp myapp.o –L<ODBC_lib> -lsdbodbc

End of the example.