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You can use the Loader command USE SCHEMAMAP to specify the schema map of the current user.


You have generated schema maps with the CREATE SCHEMAMAP statement. The required entries are therefore in the MAPSCHEMANAMES system table (see CREATE/DROP SCHEMAMAP Statement, SQL Reference Manual, MAPSCHEMANAMES).


Syntax Syntax

  1. <use_schema_map_command> ::=
      USE SCHEMAMAP <schema_map_name>
    <schema_map_name> ::=
End of the code.

You can use the USE SCHEMAMAP command to specify which schema map (schema_map_name) the current database user will use. If the name of the schema map is identical to a keyword, or if upper and lowercase notation is relevant, the name must be placed in double quotation marks.

This setting for the Loader session is valid as long as no other schema map is specified by a USE SCHEMAMAP command or an IMPORT SCHEMA command.


Example Example

USE SCHEMAMAP hotel_to_mona

End of the example.

The current database user uses the HOTEL_TO_MONA schema map.