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Query Result



Limit for LOB columns (Bytes)

Maximum number of bytes that Database Studio should load from the database for one LOB column

Limit for zoom (Bytes)

Maximum number of bytes that Database Studio should display when you zoom in the LOB column of a results table

Representation of null value

Characters with which Database Studio displays NULL values

Separate exported data with

Separators between values exported from the SQL editor

Replace non chars in LOB columns

Characters in LOB columns that cannot be displayed are replaced by blanks

Copy cell in result by using shortcut [CTRL] C

Only the selected cell is copied when you press CtrlC.

System default: The entire selected row is copied when you press CtrlC.

Note Note

In the SQL editor, the entire row is always displayed as selected.

End of the note.

Copy result with column header

Determines whether column headers are also copied when you copy from the results table

Append exported data to file

When you export a result table to a file, the system attaches the content of this result table to the existing file content.

Display char byte value as hex

Database Studio displays data of the data type CHAR BYTE as hexadecimal digits. If you do not choose this option, Database Studio displays this data in binary format.

Determine last row in result

Determines whether Database Studio defines the number of result rows before a results table is displayed

Note Note

Set this option for short results tables only.

End of the note.

Use thousand separator for numbers


Display the duration of fetching a result row


Use forward only result cursor

For fetching results, Database Studio uses a forward-only cursor.