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You delete a table in the explorer tree.

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To delete tables, you can also use SQL statements.

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  • You are logged on to the database as a database user.

  • You are the owner of the table or have the DROPIN privilege for the schema to which the table belongs.

    More information: SQL Reference Manual, Privilege Specification for a Schema (schema_priv_spec)

  • The database is in the ONLINE operational state.


  1. Select the table in the Explorer.

  2. Choose Delete in the context menu of the table.

    Delete Options




    All of the metadata and rows in the table are deleted, along with the view tables, indexes, privileges, synonyms, and referential CONSTRAINT definitions derived from the table.


    The system can only delete the table if no dependencies exist.

    Example: The table cannot be deleted if a view table is based on it.

    Delete Catalog Object

    Deletes both the table definition (in the database catalog) and the table contents.

    Delete All Rows

    Only deletes the table content, but not the table definition.

    The system deletes all data records, the table definition, and all view tables, privileges, synonyms, and referential constraint definitions derived from the table.

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