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In the Space user menu of the DBA Cockpit, you can find, among other things, a display of the OMS heap usage since the last start of the liveCache Monitoring.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction code DBACOCKPIT) and choose   Space   Heap Usage  .


The OMS Heap configuration parameters are displayed: OMS_HEAP_LIMIT, OMS_HEAP_THRESHOLD, OMS_HEAP_BLOCKSIZE, OMS_HEAP_COUNT

The current values of the following memory areas are displayed: Data Cache, Converter, maximum heap usage, and system heap

The system displays information on OMS heap usage.

Heap area

Name of the OMS heap


Size of the memory controlled by the OMS heap

Currently occupied

Size of the memory actually occupied by the OMS heap

Memory requests

Number of memory requests in the OMS heap

Memory releases

Number of memory releases in the OMS heap

Requests through block allocator

Number of OMS heap memory requests through the corresponding block allocator

Releases through block allocator

Number of OMS heap memory releases through the corresponding block allocator


Number of synchronizations through spinlocks


Number of collisions that occurred during synchronizations through spinlocks

Spinloops, Yieldloops, MAX Spinloops, MAX Yieldloops

An interpretation of these details requires knowledge of spinlock implementation.

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