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The Administration user menu of the DBA Cockpit contains, among other things, a display of the current database or SAP liveCache database parameters and changes to these parameters. You can change database parameters.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and select   Administration   Parameters  .


The general database parameters are displayed in the simple view.

If you want to display all database parameters, choose   Goto   Expert View  .

Choose   Goto   Group View   if you want to display all database parameters sorted into the groups General Parameters, Extended Parameters, and Support Parameters.

To display the changes made to a database parameter to date, use one of the methods below:

  • Click on the symbol at the start of the row that contains the parameter.

  • Select the parameter name and choose Expand Subtree.

The system displays a list of the change data and values to which the database parameter was set.

Changing Parameters

If necessary, switch to change mode.

Double-click on a parameter name. You see additional details for that parameter and can change it if necessary. The new database parameter values are checked and saved.

Caution Caution

Changes to database parameters generally do not take effect until the database is restarted.

You can also change some database parameters while the database is running (see the description of individual database parameters for more information). In addition, you can choose how long the change is to be effective for these database parameters:

  • Save: Changes to database parameters do not take effect until the next restart.

  • Activate Temporarily: Changes to database parameters take effect immediately, but only until the next restart.

  • Save and activate: Changes to database parameters take effect immediately and are permanent.

If you change a database parameter whose value is normally calculated by the system, then the set value also remains valid for all subsequent recalculations of database parameter values. The system only recalculates the value when the set value is not within the permitted value range.

End of the caution.

Note Note

You can also use Database Studio or the Database Manager to change database parameters. If you have changed the database parameters with the Database Manager, but these have not yet taken effect, the system may display different parameter values in the CCMS and at operating system level.

End of the note.

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