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You end all DBM server connections to the specified database, except the one you use to execute this command.

Caution Caution

Please note that this command also ends the connections to the database which are used by other tools, such as Database Studio.

End of the caution.

You can specifiy the process ID to define only a particular DBM server process to be stopped.

As per the system default, the command for ending all DBM server connection is only successful if the commands that are still being executed within the database, are ended within 2 minutes. If these commands take longer, the system does not close the DBM server connections to the database, and the command for deleting the database fails.

New commands are still accepted at this time, but are no longer executed.

You can enter an option in the command to force the system to close the DBM server connection/s. Instead of waiting until current DBM commands have finished, the system stops the DBM server/s immediately.



dbm_stop [-f] [<PID>]




If you specify this option, all DBM server connections to the database, or the server connection specified by its process ID, will be closed immediately, even if DBM commands are still being executed using the connection/s.

Caution Caution

Therefore, use this command with extreme caution.

End of the caution.

The command line windows in question then no longer function. As soon as you enter another DBM command, an error message is displayed.


Process ID of the DBM server which is to be ended.



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.