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Use this command to read more of the backup history. Options you specified for displaying the backup history (backup_history_list) remain active.


  • You have the server permission Backup or DBInfoRead.

  • You have executed the DBM commands for getting the backup history (backup_history_open) and displaying the backup history (backup_history_list). The keyword CONTINUE in the answer indicates that the whole file has not yet been displayed.













Values for the Reply Fields




The content of the backup history was transferred completely to Database Manager.


The backup history contains further entries, which were not transferred due to the limited size of the reply package. You can display this data by entering the above command again or closing the backup history (see: backup_history_close).


Information about the last backups

The individual columns are separated by a vertical slash (|).

A separate line is displayed for each backup.


Information about the backup template used for the backup

The line has an M: prefix and is followed by the columns, each separated by a vertical slash (|).


If the backup was created using a third party backup tool, the external backup ID is provided here.

The line has an E: prefix and is followed by the columns, each separated by a vertical slash (|).

In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

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