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Upgrade to Version 7.7.x

As of version 7.7, the catalog data of the database is stored in Unicode.

You can therefore upgrade to version 7.8 only if the catalog data of the database to be upgraded is defined as Unicode characters.

If your database version is lower than 7.7, display the value of the database parameter UNICODE to determine whether your database is a Unicode database (see: Database Manager CLI, param_getfull). Databases as of version 7.7 do not have this database parameter.

Note Note

If you want to upgrade a database from version 7.5 or 7.6 to version 7.8 and the database catalog has not been defined with the Unicode character set, you must migrate the database before the upgrade (see: Database Manager CLI, db_migratecatalog).

If you want to upgrade a database from a version below 7.5 to version 7.8. you must first upgrade to version 7.6 and then use Database Manager CLI (See: db_migratecatalog) to migrate the database catalog. You can then upgrade to version 7.8.

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