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In the backup history, the database system chronologically logs information for all the actions it carried out when backing up and restoring data and log entries.


You are logged on to the database as the database system administrator or as a DBM operator with server authorization for performing backups or displaying status information.

More information: Glossary, Server Permission


  1. Select the database in the explorer tree.

  2. In the context menu of the database, choose Administration.

  3. Open the Backup tab page.

    Backup History




    Backup ID

    Backup Type

    Backup Type

    The HISTLOST entry means that the backup history was interrupted.


    Internal name of the executed function


    Time when the action began


    Name of the backup template


    Size in pages


    Number of parallel data carriers, if applicable

    Next Log Page

    Log Sequence Number

    From Page

    From log sequence number

    To Page

    To log sequence number

    To display information about backups that were executed using third-party backup tools, select Support for external backup tools.

  4. For more information about an entry in the backup history, open Details.

    Backup History: Details (Additional Information)



    Log Required

    Specifies whether log backups have to be imported after importing the data backup

    Last Save Point

    Only for data backups

    Time of the last savepoint

    First Commit

    Last Commit

    Only for log backups

    Time at which the youngest/oldest log page, which is included in the log backup, was written to the log volumes

    System Key

    For internal purposes only

    Unique identifier of the backup action