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In the connection URL, url you define the properties of the connection to the database. You can find more detailed information in the documentation on the Java platform, see http://java.sun.com

Syntax Syntax

  1. jdbc:sapdb://<database_computer>[:<port>]/<database_name>[?<option1>[&<option2>]...]
End of the code.


Name of the database computer


Port of the installation-specific X server on the database computer.

See Global Listener and X Servers


Database Name


Properties of the connection



Syntax Syntax

  1. jdbc:sapdb://PARMA:9876/DEMODB?sqlmode=ORACLE&timeout=120
End of the code.

Using this connection URL, you set up a connection to the DEMODB database on the remote computer PARMA. The X server on the PARMA computer uses port 9876. As connection options, you have selected the SQL mode ORACLE and a timeout for the database session of 120 seconds.