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In the Integration user menu, you can, among other things, specify application-specific administration reports for a SAP liveCache that are to be executed before or after the SAP liveCache is started, initialized or stopped.


In accordance with the Authorization Concept, the user was assigned one of the roles SAP_BC_LVC_ADMINISTRATOR or SAP_BC_LVC_SUPERUSER. You can reach the user menu of the user with the authorizations that correspond to his or her role.


  1. In the user menu, choose liveCache Monitoring (transaction LC10).

  2. Enter the name of the database connection.

  3. Choose   liveCache   Integration  .

  4. To be able to change integration information, you must be in change mode. Switch to this mode, if necessary.

  5. Check the SAP liveCache connection information (liveCache Name, liveCache Server) for completeness and accuracy.

  6. Choose Administration Reports.

  7. Enter the required report name in the areas Initialize liveCache, Start liveCache, or Stop liveCache. You can also define a report list. The report names for pre-processing and post-processing must be unique.

  8. Choose   Connection   Save  .


The names of the administration reports are saved.

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