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To use the SQLCLI interactively (in session mode), you log on to the database as a database user. This opens a database session.


The specified user is a database user.

More information: Database Administration, Database Users


One Step Logon

Enter the following command:

sqlcli [<options>] -d <database_name> -u <database_user>,<database_user_password>




Call options for SQLCLI

More information: Overview of All SQLCLI Call Options


Database Name


Name of the database user

More information: Database Administration, Conventions for User Names and Passwords


Password of the database user

Example Example

One step logon to the DEMODB database on the PARMA computer as database user MONA with the password RED.

sqlcli -n PARMA -d DEMODB -u MONA,RED

End of the example.

To log on using a <user_key>, enter the following command:

sqlcli [<options>] -U <user_key>

More information: XUSER documentation

Two Step Logon
  1. Start SQLCLI:

    sqlcli [<options>]

  2. Log on to the database:

    \c [<options>] -d <database_name> -u <database_user>,<database_user_password>