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The SQL syntax elements for Oracle Version 7 and SAP MaxDB in the ORACLE SQL mode differ, among other things, in the definition of data types.

  • In contrast to Oracle, columns with the data type CHAR[ACTER] are only stored up to a length of 30 characters with fixed length in SAP MaxDB.

  • The Oracle data type VARCHAR2 does not differ from VARCHAR in SAP MaxDB.

  • The data types INT[EGER] and SMALLINT have 20 significant digits in SAP MaxDB.

  • In SAP MaxDB, the data type FLOAT is always represented with 20 significant digits.

  • In SAP MaxDB, data types cannot be defined for numbers with a negative scale. It is not possible to specify a scale that is greater than the number of significant digits.

  • In SAP MaxDB, numbers are not implicitly converted into date values or vice versa.

  • In Oracle, date values run from 1/1/4712 BC to 12/31/9999 AD. In SAP MaxDB, date values run from 1/1/0001 to 12/31/9999.

  • SAP MaxDB does not support the comparison of character strings denoted as "non padded comparison" in Oracle.

  • The NCHAR, NVARCHAR2, MLSLABEL, BFILE, and UROWID data types supported by Oracle are not supported by SAP MaxDB.