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Third-party backup tools with their own Backint for SAP MaxDB interface are still in the development phase. The requirements that need to be met by an interface of this type are documented in Backint for SAP MaxDB. You can find this document in the SAP MaxDB archive at

The section Connecting to a Backint for Oracle Interface describes a Backint for SAP MaxDB implementation, which uses an adapter program. This program is developed by SAP and supplied with the SAP MaxDB software package. It is intended for the connection to Backint for Oracle and requires you to create a configuration file. However, this is identical to the configuration file that would need to be created for a third-party backup tool with its own Backint for SAP MaxDB interface, where the requirements under Backint for SAP MaxDB have been met by the vendor.


The version of your SAP MaxDB database system is 7.5 or higher.

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If your SAP MaxDB version is lower than 7.5, refer to the previous version of this documentation at

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To connect to a Backint for SAP MaxDB interface, perform the following steps: