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The RENAME INDEX statement (rename_index_statement) changes the name of an index.


Syntax Syntax

  1. <rename_index_statement> ::
      RENAME INDEX <old_index_name> [ON <table_name>]
        TO <new_index_name>
    <old_index_name> ::=
    <new_index_name> ::=
End of the code.

If a schema name is not specified in the table name, the current schema is used.

The specified table name must be the name of an existing base table.

The index identified by old_index_name must exist. You do not need to specify ON <table_name> if this index is unique.

The current database user must be the owner of the specified table or have the INDEX privilege for it.

The new index name must not be identical to an existing index name for the table.

More Information

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