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A key specification (key_spec) allows rows in a table to be located whose key column values match the values in the key specification. A row with the specified key values does not have to exist.


Syntax Syntax

  1. <key_spec> ::=
      <column_name> = <value_spec>
End of the code.

The value specification (value_spec) must not be NULL. The column name (column_name) must identify a key column in the table. The key specification must contain all the key columns in a table. The individual key specifications (key_spec) must be separated by commas.

For tables defined without key columns, there is the implicitly generated column SYSKEY CHAR(8) BYTE, which contains a key generated by the database system. This column can only be used in a key specification.

More Information

A key specification (key_spec) is used in the following SQL statements:

LOCK Statement (lock_statement)

UNLOCK Statement (unlock_statement)

The key specification (key_spec) is no longer recommended to be used and might be removed from future versions in the following SQL statements:.

UPDATE Statement (update_statement)

DELETE Statement (delete_statement)