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Caution Caution

If you stop the X server of the installation to which a database belongs, that database cannot be accessed by database tools and applications that are located on remote computers any longer.

The JDBC interface requires an X server even for local communication.

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On Unix and Linux: You are logged on as an operating system user belonging to the <sdba_group>.

More information: Database Administration, Special Operating System Users and Groups (Unix and Linux)


Stopping the Global Listener

<global_programs_path>\bin\sdbgloballistener [-all] stop

If you specifiy the -all option, all installation-specific X servers are stopped as well.

Note Note

You can display the global programs path using the dbm_getpath DBM command:

dbmcli dbm_getpath GlobalProgPath

For more information, see Database Manager CLI, dbm_getpath.

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Stopping Installation-Specific X Servers

<installation_path>\bin\x_server [-S <tcp_port>] stop

If you do not specify a port, the X server belonging to the path from which you have issued the command is stopped.