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With this command you can change the name of a DBM operator. This includes the names of the currently logged on DBM operator, the first DBM operator, and the database system administrator.

If you change the name of another DBM operator while this operator is logged on to Database Manager using a different DBM server process, the change does not become effective within that DBM server session. Only when this operator logs on again to Database Manager, the new name must be specified for a successful logon.


  • You have the server permission UserMgm.

  • The database is in the correct operational state: You can only change the name of the database system administrator in the ONLINE operational status.

    However, you can change the names of all other DBM operators in any operational state.


user_rename <dbm_operator> <new_name>





Name of the DBM operator to be changed


New name of the DBM operator



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB, change the name of the DBM operator ELENA to JULIE:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB user_rename ELENA JULIE


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