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Immediately after a database has been created, there is one DBM operator only (the first DBM operator) and the database system administrator. To create further DBM operators for this database, use the user_create command. This defines the operator name and password. This new operator you have created does not have any server permissions so far however. Assign these explicitly to the operator using the user_put command.

Alternatively, when creating the operator, you can specify an existing DBM operator from which you copy all DBM operator properties except name and password.

See Conventions for User Names and Passwords.

Note Note

The database system automatically converts user names and passwords for DBM operators into uppercase letters.

End of the note.


You have the server permission UserMgm.


user_create <dbm_operator>,<dbm_operator_password> [<template_user>]





Name of the DBM operator to be created


Password of DBM operator to be created


DBM operator from which operator properties are to be copied



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB, and create the DBM operator ELENA with the password SUNDAY and the permissions of the operator OLEG:

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB user_create ELENA,SUNDAY OLEG


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