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Use this command to display the list of server permissions of the specified DBM operator.


You have the DBInfoRead server permission.


user_getrights <dbm_operator> SERVERRIGHTS





Name of the DBM operator



UserMgm <flag> User management

InstallMgm <flag> Install management

SystemCmd <flag> System commands

FileFull <flag> File full access

FileRead <flag> File read access

DBFileRead <flag> Database file read access

AccessUtility <flag> Utility session access

BackupRestore <flag> Backup restore actions

BackupSave <flag> Backup save actions

ParamFull <flag> Parameter full access

ParamCheckWrite <flag> Parameter check-write access

ParamRead <flag> Parameter read access

AccessSQL <flag> SQL session access

ExecLoad <flag> Can execute load

LoadSysTab <flag> Can load system tables

DBStop <flag> Can stop database

DBStart <flag> Can start database

DBInfoRead <flag> Info functions access

Values for the Reply Fields

Values for the Reply Fields




Indicates whether the DBM operator has the relevant server permissions.

Possible values are: + | -

+: Operator has this server permission.

-: Operator does not have this server permission.

In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the DEMODB database, and display the server permissions of the DBM operator ELENA, which was created for this database:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB user_getrights ELENA SERVERRIGHTS


DBInfoRead + Request status data

SystemCmd + Execute operating system commands

ExecLoad + Execute the LOAD program

UserMgm + User management

DBFileRead + Database file access (read only)

Backup + Saving backups

InstallMgm + Installation management

LoadSysTab + Load the system tables

ParamCheckWrite + Parameter access (checked write)

ParamFull + Parameter access (read and write)

ParamRead + Parameter access (read only)

DBStart + Start database instance

DBStop + Stop database instance

Recovery + Restoring backups

AccessSQL + Access to SQL session

AccessUtility + Access to utility session

SharedMemoryMgm + Shared memory management

SchedulerMgm + Scheduler management

Scheduling + Scheduler use

EvtDispMgm + Event Dispatcher management

EvtDisp + Event Dispatcher use

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