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Use this command to take a damaged volume of a volume pair back into operation.

If you mirror the log volumes of a database, and a single log volume fails while the database is running, there are functions available, which enable you to recover the failed volume.

Note Note

Entries, which were only written to the intact volume while the damaged volume was out of action, are not copied.

The mirrored log volume operation is only secure once the recovered volume is operating again. Therefore, carry out a log backup to backup the log entries available only once (see: backup_start).

End of the note.


  • You have the server permission Recovery.

  • You are operating the database with mirrored log volumes (LOG_MODE: DUAL).

  • You have opened a database session (see: db_connect).


recover_volume <vol_name>





Name of the volume



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.