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With this command you can update the system tables.

Note Note

You do not need to exeute this command for normal database operation, as the database system has a function for automatically updating the system tables.

As per the default value, this function is on (see auto_load_systab). This means that the system checks whether the system tables need to be updated every time the database is started. If this is the case, the system updates the system tables.

End of the note.

In the event of a support intervention, it may be necessary for you to execute this command. You can use it, for example, to restore system table entries that have been deleted accidentally, without having to stop and restart the database system.

To update the system tables, the name and the password of the database system administrator must be known to Database Manager. If this is not the case, enter this information along with the DBM command for loading the system tables.


  • You have the server permission ExecLoad or LoadSysTab.

  • The database is in the ONLINE operational state:


load_systab [-u <sysdba_user>,<sysdba_user_password>]





Name of the database system administrator


Password of the database system administrator







Values for the Reply Fields




Message text


Return code from Loader


DBM command executed


Loader message text


Content summary of the Loader log


Call Database Manager CLI in session mode, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB:

>dbmcli –d DEMODB –u OLEG,MONDAY

dbmcli on DEMODB>

Enter the name DBADMIN and the password SECRET of the database system administrator an load the system tables:

dbmcli on DEMODB>load_systab –u DBADMIN,SECRET


0,OK: everything works fine

0,""c:\program files\sdb\demodb\bin\x_python" "c:\program files\sdb\demodb\env

\" -R "c:\program files\sdb\demodb" -d DEMODB -u OLEG,*"

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