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With this command you can delete a complete database file or a part of its content.

If you use the command with a file for which it is not valid, you receive the error -24996 ERR_PARAM - wrong parameters.

Note Note

Use this command only, when asked to do so by technical support.

End of the note.


  • You have determined the file ID of the file to be processed (see file_getfirst).


file_operation <file_ID> <action>

<action> :: = <delete_action> | <shrink_action>

<delete_action>:: = OP=DELETE [DATE=<yyyymmddhhmmss>]

<shrink_action>:: = OP=SHRINK <option>

<option> :: = DATE=<yyyymmddhhmmss> | LINE=<n>





Log file of the database

OP=DELETE [DATE=<yyyymmddhhmmss>]

The file is deleted.

You can use this option to specify that a file is only to be deleted if it has not been changed since the specified date.

OP=SHRINK <option>

Part of the content of the file is deleted.

You can use options to restrict the content to be deleted. If you specify the option DATE=<yyyymmddhhmmss>, all the lines that were written before the specified date are deleted.

If you specify the LINE=<n> option, the content of the file is reduced to <n> lines. The <n> lines that were written most recently are retained.



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

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