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Use this command to display the hot standby database parameters of the hot standby system.






HostStandbyStorageDLLPath <file_name>

OfficialNodeName <virtual_server_name>

HotsStandbyDelayTime? <delay_time>

HotStandbySyncInterval <sync_interval>

HotStandbyNodeName001 <master_database_computer>

HotStandbyNodeName002 <standby_database_computer>_<001>

HotStandbyNodeName003 <standby_database_computer>_<002>


Values for the Reply Fields




Name of the library used to access the memory management system


Name of the virtual server


Delay (in s) until the changes made in the master database are copied to the standby database nnn.


Minimum time span (in s) between two commands copied by the master database to synchronize the standby databases


Computer of the master database


Computer of the standby database


Sequential number of the standby database (nnn > 1)


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB on virtual server HOTEL_VIRTUAL, display all hot standby parameters of the hot standby system:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB –n HOTEL_VIRTUAL hss_getnodes


HostStandbyStorageDLLPath libhsscopy

OfficialNodeName HOTEL_VIRTUAL

HotStandbyNodeName001 GENUA

HotStandbyNodeName002 PARMA


The memory management of the hot standby system uses the libhsscopy library. The virtual server name of the system is HOTEL_VIRTUAL. The current master database is on the computer GENUA. The hot standby system includes the computers GENUA and PARMA.

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