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Use this command to add a standby database to a hot standby system.


  • You are connected to the database of the hot standby system on the virtual server.

  • The standby database do be created does not exist yet.

  • You have the server permission ParamFull.


hss_addstandby <hs_node> login=<os_user>,<os_user_password> [path=<installation_path>] [delay=<hs_delay_time>]





Computer name or IP address of the standby database


Operating system user on the standby computer,

requires administration rights for the computer.


Password of the operating system user


Installation path of the database version-dependent server software on the standby computer

If you do not specify a path, the system uses the database software version of the master database.


Time delay (in seconds) with which the standby database is to be updated



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.


Call Database Manager CLI, log on to the database DEMODB on the HOTEL_VIRTUAL virtual server as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, log on to the computer PARMA as the operating system user ANNA with the password MAY, and add the database on the computer PARMA as a standby database:

>dbmcli –u OLEG,MONDAY –d DEMODB –n HOTEL_VIRTUAL hss_addstandby PARMA login=ANNA,MAY


More Information

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