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To be able to comprehensively diagnose a database problem, technical support requires a significant number of database log files. Use this command, together with WinRAR and WinZIP, to compress all necessary log files into an archive file.

In the DBM command, you can limit which data is packed. To do this, specify the file class(es) whose files you want to be packed into the archive.

For the hist file class, you can only specify files from a specific directory. To do this, specify the time stamp of the relevant directory.


You have the server permission DBFileRead.


diag_pack [file=<archive>] [class_definition]

class_definition:: = <non_hist_class_definition> | <hist_class_definition>

<non_hist_class_definition> :: = class=<class_list>

<hist_class_definition>:: = class=hist[,<class_list>] date=<timestamp>

<class_list>:: = <class_spec> | <class_spec>,<class_spec>,...





Name and path of the archive file you want to create, to which the system adds the extension .tgz

Take this into account, if you specify an archive name of your own choosing.

The default values are:

File name:diagpack.tgz


Directory: Run directory of the database


Class the files of which you want to include in the package

For possible values, see:

Glossary, File Class

The default value is protocol.

Separate multiple classes with commas.


Time stamp of the diagnosis file

This is an additional parameter for the hist file class

You determine the time stamp by displaying the list of available diagnosis files (see: diag_histlist)



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.

More Information

Database Administration, Log Files