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If you use a DBM option with optional parameters, separate these parameters logically from the subsequent DBM command. For this purpose, insert the DBM option -c. Database Manager CLI interprets all entries following -c as a DBM command.


-c <dbm_command>





DBM Command


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB, and start the backup operation using the backup template DemoDataCompl.

Open the utility session with the operator data of the first DBM operator. Therefore, enter the option for opening the utility session without parameters.

  • If you do not specify -c between the optional parameters of the DBM option and the DBM command, the DBM command is interpreted as a user name/password combination for the DBM option -uUTL. The system displays an error message:

    >dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB -uUTL backup_start DemoDataCompl


    -24996,ERR_PARAM: Wrong parameters

    -24753,ERR_MISSDBUSRPWD: Missing database, user or password

  • If you mark the beginning of the DBM command with the option -c, the DBM command is executed successfully:

    >dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB -uUTL -c backup_start DemoDataCompl


    Returncode 0

    Date 20060418

    Time 00131245

    Server GENUA

    Database DE

    Kernel Version Kernel 7.6.00 Build 016-123-109-428