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Several versions of the database system software can be installed on a database computer.

When creating a new database, or executing a DBM command that does not refer to a particular database and thus does not refer to a particular software version, use this option to specify the software version to which the subsequent DBM command is to refer.

When the session is set up, the system checks whether the specified software version on the computer is recorded in the list of registered versions. If this is not the case, the session is refused.

Note Note

When calling Database Manager CLI using the option -R, the specified database version can only be connected if this version has been correctly registered beforehand. (See: inst_reg).

If you specify the option -d and the name of a database in addition to the option -R, the option -R is ignored. In this case, Database Manager CLI uses the database software version assigned to the specified database.

End of the note.

To display the registered versions of your database software and the installation paths, use the DBM command dbm_version INSTROOT (see dbm_version).


-R <dependent_path>





Directory, which contains the database version-dependent server software


Creating a New Database

Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, create the database DEMODB with the software version stored under the path C:\Program Files\sdb\7600 on the remote computer GENUA, and identify yourself as the operating system user ANNA with the password MAY:

>dbmcli -R C:\Program Files\sdb\7600 -n GENUA db_create DEMODB OLEG,MONDAY ANNA,MAY


Displaying All Available Databases of a Particular Software Version

Call Database Manager CLI using the option –R and the installation path for the software version 7.6, execute the DBM command for displaying a list of all the databases registered for the specified version on the local computer:

>dbmcli -R "C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB" db_enum


DEMODB C:\Program Files\SDB\DEMODB slow offline

DEMODB C:\Program Files\SDB\DEMODB fast running