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With this option you can access a remote computer in order to create a new database there, or to connect to an existing database there.

Enter the name of the corresponding computer together with this option.


  • An SAP MaxDB X server is running on the remote database computer (status: Started).

    For more information, see Global Listener and X Servers.

  • To create a database on a remote computer, you require an operating system user on that computer. This user needs to have the right “logon as batch job”.

    Note Note

    To find out how you can assign this right to a user, see your operating system documentation.

    End of the note.


-n <database_computer>





Name of the database computer


Call Database Manager CLI, log on as the operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the database DEMODB on the remote computer GENUA, and display the operational state of the database:

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB -n GENUA db_state