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Any installation of SAP MaxDB software creates a log file. Therein, all steps involved in the relevant installation or update of the software as well as in the upgrade of a database and its software are logged.

Choose Start Menu -> SAP MaxDB -> Installation Manager -> Show SAP MaxDB Installations -> Installation Log Files to open the XML log file viewer in Installation Manager.

XML Version

The XML version of a log file is stored in the directory <global_data_path>/installations/<installation_name>/wrk.

Plain Text Version

The system also creates a plain text version of any log file in the TEMP directory of the installation environment. You can change this directory by changing the environment variable SDBINSTLOGFILE.

The log files are named sdbinst.log, sdbupd.log, sdbsetup.log, or sdbuninst.log as per the action that was carried out. They are overwritten with the next installation, update or upgrade action. Therefore, any log file crated here is also copied to the <global_data_path>/wrk directory and marked with a time stamp, which creates a history of plain text log files.

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