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A demo database was developed for demonstration purposes. This demo database with the name DEMODB is the basis for the examples in the SAP MaxDB documentation.

If you want to use the demo database, you must first create it and fill it with demo data. Use Installation Manager to do this (see also: Using Installation Manager).

Note Note

The values of individual demo database parameters have been defined especially for testing purposes. Therefore, do not use this demo database in a production system.

End of the note.


Go to the directory where you downloaded the database software. Call the program SDBSETUP.exe and follow the instructions displayed by Installation Manager:

  1. In step 1, choose the Installation option.

  2. In step 2, select the Create a New Database option.

  3. In step 3, choose the Desktop PC / Laptop database template.

  4. in step 4, configure the demo database and choose whether you want to load the demo data.

    • Enter DEMODB as Database name.

    • If you want to load the demo data, leave the Load Tutorial Data option selected.

      You need the demo data for working with the Loader Tutorial, for example.

    • If you do not want to load the demo data, remove the selection of Load Tutorial Data. In this way, you maintain the possibility to enter the demo data manually into the database using SQL statements, as described in the SQL Tutorial.

    • Enter DBADMIN as User name and SECRET as User password. Enter the password again in the Confirm password field.

  5. Confirm all default values of Installation Manager in succession to create the database.


You have created the demo database with the following data:

  • Name of the database: DEMODB

  • Name of the database manager operator: DBM

  • Name of the database system administrator: DBADMIN/SECRET

  • Name/password of a database user: MONA/RED

  • Name of the demo schema: HOTEL

This enables you to reproduce step by step the examples shown in the SAP MaxDB documentation and to obtain similar results.

For more information on the demo data, see Objects in the Schema HOTEL.

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