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Database Studio

Tool for managing SAP MaxDB databases

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From database version 7.7, Database Studio replaces the database tools Database Manager GUI and SQL Studio, and it contains a GUI for the Loader database tool.

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Database Administration in CCMS: SAP MaxDB

Using the SAP system to analyze a SAP MaxDB database, for scheduling actions and for monitoring the database functions and alerts

Database Manager CLI

Command line tool for database administration


Tool for exporting and importing data and table definitions


Command line tool for displaying and changing data in a database using SQL statements

Database Analyzer

Performance analysis tool for databases

Global Listener and X Servers

Communication servers of the SAP MaxDB database system


Command line tool for storing user log-in data, which provides simplified logon to databases


Command line tool (database console) for viewing information about a SAP MaxDB database, such as operating system resources being used by the database system, distribution and status of the database sessions, etc.