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On Microsoft Windows, only operating system users that belong to the groups Administrators, System, Creator/Owner or SDB Operators are able to access the volumes and backups of the database using operating system commands. All other database resources are readable to all operating system users.


  1. To protect other database resources, you can restrict access to the directories <global_data_path>\config and <private_data_path>\config.

  2. Log on to the operating system as an operating system user of the group Administrators or the Creator/Owner group.

  3. Grant the following access privileges for the directories <global_data_path>\config and <private_data_path>\config and all the files they contain:

    • Access privilege Full Control to the groups Administrators, System, Creator/Owner and SDB Operators

    • No access for all other groups and users

    For information about granting access privileges, see your operating system documentation.