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The database system logs errors and important messages in several log files. By monitoring the log files, you can identify unusual activity early on.


Regularly check the following log files for failed logon attempts:

  • Database Manager log file: dbm.prt

  • Loader Server log file: loader.log

  • SAP MaxDB global listener and X server log files

More information: Database Administration, Log Files


If a user enters an incorrect user name or password when logging on to the DEMODB database using Database Studio, the system writes the following message to the Database Manager log file dbm.prt:

ERR_USRFAIL - user authorization failed

If a user enters an incorrect password when logging on to a DEMODB database on the PARMA computer (Microsoft Windows) using a database tool on the ROMA computer, the system writes information about this to the X Server log file xserver_PARMA.prt:

2007-08-28 14:14:53 0xFCC 19739 XSERVER 'roma' connected to 'DEMODB', T78

2007-08-28 14:14:54 0xFCC 19740 XSERVER 'roma' disconnect from 'DEMODB', T78