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Comments and Further Information

Connection parameters for export/import

  • Auto Commit Mode

  • SQL Mode

  • Isolation Level

Connection parameters that the system uses to execute SQL statements during export/import:

To store catalog and data when exporting/importing

Use Loader Packages

Use Files

Choose whether you want to use Loader packages or files for the export/import and specifiy the path where they are to be stored.

Export/Import –> Data Format



Comments and Further Information

Data File Formats

File Format


LOB Files

Loader, Exporting and Importing LOB Values

Data Field Formats

Text Fields

Loader, Data Format

Data/Time Formats

Representation of special values

Number value format

Error Handling

Primary key constraint

Defines how duplicated data records are dealt with on import

Maximum allowed errors for a single command

Determines how many errors must occur before the export/import process is aborted