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A snapshot stores the state of the data area at the time of the snapshot. Once you have made a snapshot, you can continue to work normally with the data for the database and make changes to the data. You can later return to the state the data area was in at the time of the snapshot or accept all changes since the snapshot.


  • You are logged on to the database as the database system administrator or as a DBM operator.

    More information: Glossary, Server Permission

  • The database is in the ONLINE or ADMIN operational state.


  1. Select the database in the explorer tree.

  2. In the context menu of the database, choose Administration.

  3. Open the Snapshots tab page.

    Snapshots: Information




    When creating a snapshot, the system assigns it a unique ID (number).

    Create Date

    Creation date

    Used Size

    Space that the snapshot currently uses in the data area

    Max. needed Size

    Maximum size that the snapshot can reach (if all data that is part of the snapshot is subsequently changed)


    Shows whether the snapshot is not only structurally consistent, but transactionally consitent as well



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