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Confirm saving

When closing the respective editor, display a dialog box asking you whether you want to save any changes.

Editors –> SQL



Stop batch SQL statement execution on error

When you execute a list of SQL statements that is separated by comment characters, the system stops the execution of the SQL statements when an error occurs.

Clear SQL editor log before SQL statement execution

The log from the last executed SQL statement is deleted before the next SQL statement is executed.

Close results before SQL statement execution

When you execute an SQL statement in an SQL Editor, Database Studio closes all old results windows in that SQL Editor.

Display time of statement execution start


Display the duration of failed statements


Connection parameters for SQL window:

  • Auto Commit Mode

  • SQL Mode

  • Isolation Level

Connection parameters that the system uses to execute SQL statements from the SQL editor:

New Item Color in Catalog Editor

Color of new elements in graphical editors

Editors –> Templates



The settings always refer to the editor type that is currently open.

For more information, see the Eclipse documentation.


Word to be completed when you press the key combination CTRL+Space

You can create more than one template with the same name. If more than one template exists for one word, the system displays a list of values that you can select to complete the word.


Editor in which you can use the template



Automatically Insert

If selected, code assist will automatically insert the template if it is the only proposal available at the caret position.

More information: Eclipse documentation at


Values that should be available for completing the word