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You can define templates to use the same logon data for users of different databases, which are then available in all databases of the same server or landscape. You can define templates for the database system administrator, DBM operators, and database users.


  1. Choose Up One Level (Up One Level) until the desired computer or landscape is displayed in the explorer tree.

  2. In the context menu, choose Login Templates.

  3. Choose New.

  4. Enter a template name, a user name, and a user password.

    To generate the user name from the database name for which you use the login template later, enter <DBNAME> as part of the user name and select Replace With Database Name (for example, SAP<DBNAME>DB).

    Example Example

    You enter the user name SAP<DBNAME>DB.

    When you use this login template for logging on to the TEST database, SAPTESTDB is used as user name.

    When you use this login template for logging on to the PROD database, SAPPRODDB is used as user name.

    End of the example.
  5. To add the login based on this login template to the database that is currently selected in the explorer tree, choose Assign.

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