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ODBC API Compatibility

The SAP MaxDB ODBC driver fulfills the ODBC 3.51 interface specification. More information:

Note Note

When developing your own applications, make sure to differentiate between the versions ODBC 2.x and ODBC 3.x. Use the SQLSetEnvAttr function to define the SQL_ATTR_ODBC_VERSION attribute before you request a Connection handle with SQLAllocHandle.

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The SAP MaxDB ODBC driver supports the complete ODBC SQL syntax. In addition to this, the ODBC driver extends the standard ODBC SQL syntax in the following areas:

  • Database procedures can be processed as SQL statements.

    Note that the ODBC syntax for procedures does not allow any return values for functions.

    More information: SQL Reference Manual, Name of a Database Procedure (dbproc_name)

  • It supports the following types of cursors that can be positioned: static, dynamic, and key set-driven. Using the SQLSetPos function, an application can execute positioning INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements.

    More information: SQL Reference Manual, DECLARE CURSOR Statement (declare_cursor_statement)

More information:

Unicode Support

Operating System


ODBC Driver (Unicode)

Microsoft Windows



Unix and Linux



More information: Unicode Support

Data Types

The SAP MaxDB ODBC driver lets you convert all data types supported by ODBC.

More information: Supported Data Types