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The Loader database tool consists of a client part and a server part. The Loader client transmits the commands to be processed. The Loader server establishes the connection to the database and processes the commands.


You can install the required Loader software components by specifying the following installation profiles: Loader or all. The way in which the Loader server is called depends on which Loader client you are using.

Syntax Rules for Calling Loader

Note the following general syntax rules when calling Loader.

  • Case-sensitivity: No distinction is made between uppercase and lowercase letters. Loader converts all names to uppercase characters internally unless you place character strings in double quotation marks.

  • Keywords: The keywords of Loader (Loader Keywords: Overview) and the SQL keywords (Keyword (keyword)) can both be used to denote database objects if they are placed in single or double quotation marks.

Note Note

The Loader, Perl, Python and Jave documentation contains only a short summary of the functions of the script languages that can be used in Loader. For more information, see the vendor documentation for Perl, Python, or Java.

End of the note.

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