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Procedure documentation Configuring Systems for Remote Monitoring Using the System Landscape Directory (SLD)   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The system landscape directory (SLD) contains data from all database systems available in your system landscape. You can use this data to set up the system configuration in the DBA Cockpit instead of setting it up manually.

When you set up the DBA Cockpit for the first time, you use this procedure to import the appropriate data from the SLD. During production operation, you use the procedure to synchronize the data between the SLD and the DBA Cockpit periodically.



       1.      To import database connection data from the SLD, call the DBA Cockpit.

       2.      In the system landscape toolbar, choose System Configuration.

The screen The DBA Cockpit: System Configuration Maintenance appears.

       3.       Choose SLD System Import.

The SLD System Import screen appears. Depending on the system landscape, one or more of the following nodes are displayed:

       New Database Systems in the SLD

All database systems registered in the SLD that are so far unknown to the DBA Cockpit are displayed.

       Changed Systems From Earlier SLD Imports

All database systems for which the main data differs between the SLD and the DBA Cockpit are displayed.

       Systems No Longer Registered in the SLD

All systems that were originally imported from the SLD into the DBA Cockpit but that are no longer registered in the SLD are displayed.

       Systems Identical in the SLD and in the DBA Cockpit

All systems that are registered in the SLD and that are identical in the DBA Cockpit are displayed.

       Unsupported Database Systems in the SLD

All database systems that are registered in the SLD but not supported by the DBA Cockpit are displayed.


Each database system is described as follows:

<Name (system ID) of the database system> on <main database host> ( <database platform> )

The actions allowed for each database system are displayed in the second column of the tree.

       4.      To import database system data, select the actions that you want to execute for the selected database systems and choose Import. By default, only the import of new database systems is selected.

The selected actions are executed. A short message for each executed action is displayed in the message window below.


Connection data that is retrieved from the SLD might not be complete for one of the following reasons:

   Depending on the data provided by a system to the SLD, some connection data can be incomplete.

   User or password data is generally not available via SLD.

When you establish the connection to an imported system, the DBA Cockpit checks the completeness of a configured system. That is, if necessary, you are prompted for user, password and connection information.

If additional connection information is required, enter the required data according to the maintenance dialog that is described in Configuration of Database Connections.

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