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This section describes how you set and maintain technical attributes for remote database connections. The DBA Cockpit uses these connections for administration and monitoring or for application programs that use secondary connections to external databases.

Process Flow


       1.      You call the DBA Cockpit and choose DB Connections in the system landscape toolbar.

The screen DBA Cockpit: Database Connections appears displaying a list of all available database connection definitions grouped by database platform:



Remote Database Connections

Name of database connection


This is a unique name that you can freely choose.

DB Name

Name of database

DB Host

Name of database host

DB Schema

Name of the database schema to be monitored


Name of the connection user


Specifies whether the connect user must be permanently available

Max. Connections

Maximum allowed number of open connections

Opt. Connections

Optimal number of connections

By default, the database connections that are defined in the local system are displayed.


MS SQL Server only:

You can also display the database connections of another ABAP system via RFC by entering an RFC destination in the appropriate field.

       2.      You are able to perform one of the following tasks:

       You add database connections.

       You change an existing database connection.

       You delete a database connection.

       You test a database connection.

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