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In the SQL Locks user menu, you can find (among other things) a display of wait situations for exclusive locks. Use this analysis in the following situation, for example: You have been monitoring tasks with the task state Vwait in the Task Manager for some time.


Open the Database Assistant (transaction DB50) or the liveCache Assistant (transaction LC10). Choose   Current Status   SQL Locks   Wait Situations  .


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction code DBACOCKPIT) and select   Performance   SQL Locks   Wait Situations  .


The system displays a list of all current wait situations for SQL locks in the database instance.

Note Note

Exclusive locks mean that other users cannot access the locked entry. These locks can significantly interfere with the performance of the SAP system and the database system.

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When you encounter SQL locks, be sure to find out which application is causing the locks. Using the Appl. ID in the wait situations display, you can identify the SAP work process that is holding the lock. Using the Global Work Process Overview (transaction SM66), you can get additional information, such as the user and the report. More information can also be found using a bottleneck analysis.

More Information

You can also use options provided in the Database Console for further analysis.

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