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When you call Database Manager CLI, you can enter various DBM options and exactly one DBM command.

You can enter parameters for many of the DBM options. If you do not specify a parameter, the default values are used.

If you enter DBM options with parameters, you must mark the beginning of the following DBM command with the DBM option -c. In this way you prevent Database Manager from interpreting the subsequent DBM command as a parameter of the previously entered DBM option.


You can use the following DBM options:




Indicating as DBM command


Name of the database instance


Activating Encryption

-i | -ic | -is | -ics

Name of the input script


Name of the database computer


Name of the Output File


Installation directory of the database instance


Name of the Log File


Opening an SQL Session


Opening a Service Session


Opening a Utility Session


Deleting XUSER Entries


User key


Creating or Changing XUSER Entries


Logging on to the XUSER program


Displaying XUSER Data


Log on to Database Manager CLI as operator OLEG with the password MONDAY, connect to the DEMODB database, display the content of the users database system table without explicitly specifying a database user.

(You mark the beginning of the DBM command with the option -c. The default value (database system administrator) is used for the database user.):

>dbmcli -u OLEG,MONDAY -d DEMODB -uSQL -c db_execute SELECT * FROM users