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The syntax notation used in the documentation is derived from the Backus Naur Form (BNF). The following conventions apply.

Syntax Notation: Conventions

Syntax Element




Keywords are shown in uppercase letters for the sake of emphasis. If there is no specific reference to case-sensitivity in the documentation, you can write keywords in either upper- or lowercase letters.


Placeholders for syntax elements, such as variables.

When you enter the variable, do not enter the angle brackets.


Optional syntax element

When you enter the syntax element, do not enter the square brackets.

syntax_element1 | syntax_element1

Alternative syntax elements (or)

syntax_element, ...

Syntax element can be repeated as often as required.

To make the documentation easier to use, the syntax is formatted as follows.

Syntax Notation: Formatting



dbmcli db_enum

Commands and SQL statements that users should enter


DEMODB C:\Program Files\sdb\DEMODB fast online

Output of the database system, the database tools or other programs

The db_enum command lists all databases.

The documentation uses the DEMODB demo database.

Syntax elements and examples in continuous text


sqlcli –d <database_name> –u <database_user>,<database_user_password> <sql_statement>

To illustrate commands and actions, the documentation uses the DEMODB demo database and the HOTEL schema sample data found there:

sqlcli –d demodb -u mona,red SELECT * FROM


| ----- | -------------------- | ----- |

| 10019 | New York | NY |

| 10580 | New York | NY |

| 11788 | Long Island | NY |

| 12203 | Albany | NY |

| 20005 | Washington | DC |

| 20019 | Washington | DC |

More Information

SQL Reference Manual, Syntax List

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