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You can create databases using Database Studio, or Database Manager CLI. For stand-alone systems, that is for SAP MaxDB database systems which are not part of an SAP system, you can also use Installation Manager.If you want to use Database Studio or Database Manager CLI to create a database, install the database software first.

For more information on installation and Installation Manager , see: Glossary, Installation.


  1. Plan the database.

    More information: Planning Databases

  2. Create the database.

    Recommendation Recommendation

    If you want to operate several databases, then create each database on a separate computer.

    End of the recommendation.

    More information:

    You can use templates. More information: Database Templates

    When you create the database, you specify the following properties, among others:

    Important Database Properties




    Database name

    Conventions for Database Names


    Database System Administrator: Name and password

    Conventions for User Names and Passwords

    Name: No

    Password: Yes

    More information: Managing Users

    Data area (data volumes): Size (=database size), directory, automatic extension

    Log area (log volumes): Size and directory

    General database parameters MaxDataVolumes and MaxLogVolumes

    More information: Planning Databases


    More information:

    Size of the data cache and converter

    General database parameter CacheMemorySize


    Number of CPUs

    General database parameter MaxCPUs


    Maximum number of parallel database sessions

    General database parameter MaxUserTasks


    Maximum number of locks

    General database parameter MaxSQLLocks


    More information: Configuring Locks

    Automatic update of the SQL optimizer statistics

    For SAP systems, see SAP note 927882.


    More information: Automating Administration Tasks

    Automatic log backup



    Automatic database start

    Only available on Microsoft Windows


    More information: Activating Automatic Database Start

    Log settings



    More information: Configuring Logging

    You can change most of these properties later. More information: Changing Database Properties

    When you create the database, you can also load demo data and demo users. More information: Concepts of the Database System, Demo Database

  3. The system starts the database.

    You can now log on to the database.

    More information:

  4. Only in SAP systems: You can activate data encryption.

    More information: Encryption

  5. Create the tables and other database objects in the database.

    Database Objects


    View tables



    Database users



    Database procedures

    Database functions

    More information:

  6. Create the required database users and assign authorizations.

    More information: Database Users

  7. Insert the data into the database.

    More information:

More Information

Concepts of the Database System, What is an SAP MaxDB Database?

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