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In the Space user menu of the DBA Cockpit, you can find, among other things, a display of the log status of your database system.


Open the DBA Cockpit (transaction DBACOCKPIT) and select   Space   Log Area  .


The system provides you with the following information:

Log Area Utilization

  • Total Size

  • Log Segment Size

  • Used Log Area

  • Unsaved Log Area

If more than 60 % of the log area is used, you should back up the log segments to release space for other transactions. You can automate this process by Activating Automatic Log Backups.

You obtain status information about the following areas: Mirroring the Log Area, Automatic Overwrite of the Log Area, Redo Log Management, Automatic Log Backups The Last Log I/O Sequence Number is also displayed.

Note Note

SAP liveCache Technology: You can change the volume settings for an SAP liveCache. To do so, use the SAP liveCache-specific user menu Volumes (Administration).

End of the note.

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